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Company culture

imgBusiness philosophy : people-oriented, innovative development, creating value, and giving back to the society.
Company culture:
Connotation: 1. Execution: Be faithful to all actions, obey orders, obey and be obeyed, lead and be led by the organization and management authority, do what you say and be effective
   2. Team spirit: teamwork, mutual help, harmony and fraternity, coexistence of life and death
   3. Professional ethics: hard work, excellence, due diligence and dedication
   4. Crisis awareness: the existing market will not give up an inch of land, and the potential market will struggle for every inch of land
   5. Innovation spirit: all-round innovation technology innovation, management innovation, idea innovation
   6. Value form: seek truth from facts, be fair, just, open, have the courage to undertake, strive to lead by example, and sacrifice oneself
   for people.
   7. Ideals and beliefs: self-reliance, self-confidence, self-improvement, self-love, firmly believe that you are always the best, and dare to surpass yourself.
   8. Development source: open source and reduce expenditure, strive for efficiency, improve efficiency, and maximize profits
Corporate values: people-oriented, integrity management, pursuit of excellence, and value creation
Employee values: study hard, keep pace with the times, and realize the value of life through hard work
Corporate ethics : compliance with laws and regulations, integrity management, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win
Employee ethics: law-abiding, honesty and self-discipline, self-discipline, loyalty to duty
Employee vision: hard work, dedication, self-realization, and improvement of the quality of life of yourself and your family 
Corporate Vision: Professional. Focus. Dedication. Precision. Diligence. Be a first-class supplier of communication parts, protect the environment, and benefit mankind.
Enterprise cohesion: fraternity, love the motherland, love the people, love the company, love colleagues, love oneself and relatives
Enterprise core competitiveness: customer relationship; 1. Continuous innovation to create value for customers 2. High-quality products and high-quality services

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